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There are positive reasons to monitor negative news, and in a year of global change and heightened risk awareness, this is a great chance for you to sense check your organisation’s current processes and ensure you’re minimising your risk exposure.

Join this webinar to learn how Adverse Media Monitoring can protect your brand, profitability, and stakeholder relationships. We’ll be discussing approaches and pitfalls, regulatory drivers, and sharing use cases across manufacturing, fashion and finance. 

This session hosted by our partners, LexisNexis will cover:

  • What it is Adverse Media Monitoring / Negative News Screening?
  • Why do we need to monitor it, and which regulations require it?
  • How do we best monitor it, and avoid common pitfalls?
  • What does best practice look like?

Chris McDonagh, Regional VP 
Chris McDonagh, Regional VP
Chris McDonagh is head of the UK Nexis Solutions business. Overseeing day to day operations and managing the team responsible for customers who rely on LexisNexis solutions to successfully conduct risk and compliance. Chris has over 18 years’ experience within the compliance market, engaging with brands and assisting them to achieve their objectives and mitigate risks.

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The long-standing theory of having an average of only six degrees of separation between any two people takes on an interesting twist when considered through a compliance and risk management lens. As organisations engage with an increasing number of third parties, global business networks have become more complex and interconnected. Nowadays, a third party may simultaneously be a customer, supplier, alliance partner, and even competitor. Given that people within (or outside of) companies commit fraud, organisations need to be able to see the network effect and the interrelationships between people and companies.

Despite this increase in complexity, Compliance and Risk leaders may find that it’s now easier to identify the “six degrees of separation” and connect the dots between their organisation’s third-party entities.Join the Dun & Bradstreet Third-Party Risk & Compliance practice’s Senior Product Director, Paul Westcott, and Product Management Leader, Tom Cosgrove, as they discuss how:

  • Identifying corporate linkage from a financial crime and compliance risk perspective has improved as a result of increasingly connected and robust data sets as well as enhanced processing power. The ability to identify relationships and beneficial ownership now goes beyond identifying corporate linkage as entity resolution and identification of connections can go down to the level of individual people within a company and a view of their network of relationships.
  • Using entity network resolution for third parties, which includes companies and people, can help reduce false positives, resolve conflicts of interest, and increase efficiency and accuracy in the enhanced due diligence process.
  • Understanding who you do business with isn't just a regulatory requirement, it's an essential part of good corporate governance. Join us to learn how you can enhance your ability to resolve corporate and people entities and identify networks. Learn how to protect your brand while minimising potential regulatory fines, fraud, and supply chain disruption.

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