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Corporate Certification

What is the process?


What is the process?

There are three stages to achieving certification for your firm and firms can be at any stage in the  life-cycle. There is no preparation required and we will provide the support to move you through all three stages, or as far as you want to go. Your journey doesn’t have to end in company certification; we can simply provide the initial gap analysis and report, if this is all you require. 

The gap analysis and report alone will give you a good idea of risks that are currently impacting your business and will enable you to take the report forward and start implementing actions to rectify them. 

What is an audit?

An audit consists of a range of activities, which provide evidence to satisfy the ISO Standards. For example, examining paperwork and processes ensuring they are written down accurately, interviewing staff regarding processes and procedures and generally investigating how the organisation is run on a day to day basis. 

Who will conduct the audit?

ICA Audit has a team of specially trained global auditors based around the world who will conduct the audit.

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