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Corporate Certification

Frequently asked questions

Does my firm have to go through all three stages of the process?

No. Clients can reach any stage of the process and each stage is individually costed. Some organisations may stop at Stage 1 (Gap Analysis and report) or Stage 2 (Consultancy). The process doesn’t have to end in the completion of Stage 3 (Certification).

Do I need to involve the whole firm?

Clients can choose to involve the entire organisation or focus on specific teams/departments e.g. a sanctions team.

How long will it take?

Each journey will be different and will depend on the size and complexity of the firm. Stage 1 can be completed within two days or less.

The full audit and consultancy (Stage 2) will differ depending on the findings gap analysis and report (Stage 1). For example, if many gaps are identified in stage 1, we may provide guidance and support on rectifying certain areas before moving onto Stage 2 e.g. training recommendations, process and procedural amendments. If successful, this can then result in certification against the standard(s). 


What happens if I need consultancy at stage 2 of the process?

ICA Audit recognise that you may require some expert help to achieve your certification.

To maintain our obligations as a Certification Body, we must remain impartial and therefore cannot directly assist you with consultancy. However, we are happy to provide you with some guidance on how to choose a consultant who can assist you to implement and manage your ISO management system.

Where you do not require a consultant, but would like some general knowledge, we can help with training courses, guides and templates.



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