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Apprenticeship standards and funding FAQs

Please head to GOV.UK  where you will find everything you need to know about Apprenticeships. 

These are all detailed on the Government Services website. The standard that we offer EPA are listed here.

Yes, but the cost must be included in the overall price recorded by the lead provider on their individualised learner record and/or by the employer on their digital account. 

You can find a list of approved end-point assessment organisations on the SFA register of apprentice organisations. 

We are currently approved to deliver end-point assessment services for a number of apprenticeship standards. The details can be found here.

Our end point assessment prices vary for each standard and reflect the requirements of the published assessment plan. To discuss fees, you can call us on +44 (0) 121 362 7503.

The employer must select us as their end-point assessment organisation, but the organisation that pays us is the main training provider. The training provider pay for the end-point assessment on behalf of the employer and the fee is taken from the overall per apprentice funding (capped at 20% of the overall funding fee). 

Our end-point assessment price is broken down into two stages: 

  • Registration fee (10% of the EPA fee) - this covers end-point assessment training and support; ICA membership; apprentice access to the learning platform assessment handbooks and supporting documents; and all planning and scheduling activities.
  • Gateway assessment fee (90% of the EPA fee) - payable at the gateway to end-point assessment, this covers all end-point assessment activities. 

You can contact us directly on +44 (0) 121 362 7503 or you can view the information here.

We have a Reasonable Adjustments Policy and application process for end-point assessment on our Policies page. 

We recommend that you register as soon as possible. This is so that we can begin the work of scheduling your assessment and so that your apprentices can take full advantage of their ICA membership. 

Where there are knowledge-based tests/examinations as part of the formal assessment plan, we would provide a sample test. 

  • If an apprentice fails an element of their EPA they would be required to retake that part. We would work with the employer and training provider to make them award of this as early as possible. 
  • If a candidate fails one of the earlier elements of the EPA we would normally expect to pause the EPA at that point and for the candidate to either withdraw from the end-point assessment to undertake more training or to consider a short break for further revision or remedial work. 

The official certificates are produced by the Institute for Apprenticeships via the Education and Skills Funding Agency

Help and support

Alternatively contact us on: +44(0)121 362 7534 / icainfo@int-comp.org (Course information)

or +44(0)121 362 7533 / learningsupport@int-comp.org (Enrolled learners)

or +44(0)121 362 7747 / membership@int-comp.org (Membership)

or +44 (0) 121 362 7503 / epa@int-comp.org (End Point Assessment)