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Corporate Certification

Corporate Governance

ICA has established a governance structure to support the maintenance, development and growth of its four functional areas: membership operations, member benefits, assessments and awarding, and company certification.

Each functional area’s activities are integrated, and the risks, issues and opportunities managed, through the on-going work of the senior management team through weekly meetings. Forward-looking operational oversight of business risk is conducted through a two-monthly operations meeting. Oversight of the business as a whole is conducted via an Executive board, meeting every two months. 

Quality assurance and development

ICA’s provision of assessments is supported by a governance structure that involves key partners and academics: for example, University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School and the British Bankers’ Association. They contribute through the Examinations Committee and Test Board, which operates at the highest level to evaluate the findings of Assessment Boards and other academic panels

ICA’s Advisory board, made of up leading industry practitioners from around the world, helps to drive ICA strategy and brings industry expertise to the on-going development of qualifications and professional membership services.

Quality management system

ICA’s quality management system undergoes internal and external audit to ensure continuous improvement and the effectiveness of the system in delivering high-quality services and products to the association’s customers.

ICA is externally certified against ISO 9001:2015 by BSI. 


Help and support

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